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Our aim is to provide a high level of technical services and advice, the use of guaranteed quality materials as well as the observance of the regulations applicable to the design of construction works in Greece.

In each project, we study and seek to meet the customer’s functional needs, promote the ergonomics of the premises and at the same time give the basis for the final result to be elegant.


Each project is shaped taking into account the specificity of the space and the user, resulting in the design of solutions that are distinguished for their uniqueness.

All materials, furniture, fabrics and equipment are chosen to give a relaxed and relaxed luxury in a contemporary environment.

Our goal is for all our proposals to contain inventive solutions, innovative material applications, modern or classic lines that coexist with the evolution of technology, with insistence on detail and parallel commitment to the customer’s personal needs and the requirements of your space.


MILTIADOU ARCHITECT will create for your business the identity and profile that suits it, taking into account your actual needs for the promotion and promotion of your products and services.

The basic elements of corporate identity include the logo, business card, letterhead and envelope. Supplementary data is all the documents with which the transactions are made, as well as forms such as notes, thank-you cards, cd covers etc. All these elements must have a single image, a common element. They are the elements that make daily communication with either partners or potential customers.

The most important of all is the logo. Designing corporate identity always starts from designing the logo. This is what will determine the image of the remaining items.


In the construction industry we undertake architectural studies, erection of detached houses, apartment buildings and country houses.

We also undertake the restoration of buildings that have been classified or belong to places of archaeological interest. Following the developments in the field of construction we have been trained in the new Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation (KENAK) and we also deal with the issue of Building Energy Performance Certificates (ΠΕΑ). We also undertake a horizontal property plan as well as topographically embedded in the ΕΓΣΑ87 coordinate system.

Finally, we undertake the settlement of arbitrary use of Law 4178/2013.

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